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We are the Exclusive Indian Associates for this unique product-OKO Tyre Puncture Sealant which is manufactured by M/s. The OKO Group, UK and they are the authorized suppliers of this wonderful product to the UK and UN Armed forces.
A punctured tyre is one of the most frequent problems faced by large fleet owning organizations. OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealant is designed and engineered to meet the needs and wants of diverse user types, having evaluated an extraordinary number of puncture problems experienced by a variety of vehicle users in diverse working environments.
Often a puncture causes a chain reaction of events leading to further problems and increased related costs. Whenever a tyre is punctured and allowed to run flat, there is a good chance that the tyre structure will be damaged seriously. With the overall cost of tyre replacement, this can prove to be seriously high cost.
Needless to say, a punctured tyre leads to huge repair costs in terms of time needed for repair and in terms of delays.
Another two aspects of even bigger concern than the cost and time saving are safety and security.
This tyre sealant is a fluid that is injected into the tyre or inner tube and it instantaneously fills any puncture as soon as it occurs.
The product has been tested to perform for more than 50,000 Kilometers. The tyre sealant is required only once during the life of the tyre and even the cost of this one application is far less than the cost of a tyre.
Moreover, if the savings in terms of time and money is considered, the OKO tyre sealant pays for itself many times over during the serviceable life of the tyre.
This product is very useful to all organizations who maintain a substantially large fleet of vehicles.
The current range consists of:
OKO Puncture Free Off Road for Off Highway use and vehicles which do not travel in excess of 50 m.ph. or 80 k.p.h. for long periods.

OKO Puncture Free RTG On Road (Road Transport Grade) for Trucks, Buses, Vans and other commercial vehicles which travel at speeds of up to 70 m.p.h. or 110 k.p.h. constantly.

OKO Puncture Free "High Speed. A New highly developed formulation for use in "High Speed" Road Going vehicles, Motor Cycles and Motor Cars is in the final stages of development.

OKO has been trialed and used by the
1. In the UK, trials were held at the Transport and Logistic Devlopment unit at Aldershot, and with: TLDT; 63 Airborne sqn      RCT;
2. (On exercise in Kenya); AMF (L) exercises in Norway; Mechanical handling at RAF Lyneham;
Kuwait Defence Forces,
4. Jordanian Government Armed Forces ,
5. Australian Armed Forces, and,
6. Several security departments and military of North African countries.

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